Revel Studios is currently servicing client Terry Goodkind with promotions for the author and for the latest release, THE OMEN MACHINE.  Revel Studios created the website, merchandise store, and book cover artwork for Terry Goodkind.
Revel Studios has also worked for star of HBO's Entourage, Sasha Grey.  We have produced websites and promotional materials for her. Examples from our portfolio that includes Marilyn Manson, Terry Goodkind, Adobe Systems, IBM, Brinker International, Panasonic, Matsushita, Girls Love Players, FINE Merch, and many more. Contact Revel Studios via email (info@revelstudios). Revel Studios is owned and operated by Rob Anderson.  We are a design and ideas firm that specializes in building products and brand.
Rob Anderson created Revel Studios with the intent of building a business that could then bridge his personal interests of funding startups and community initiatives that will help make the world a better place.
You can find more examples of work by Revel Studios if you visit our Flickr portfolio ( and our Vimeo Video Channel (  Thank you. Revel Studios as a sideline entity called Eviality, a project that exposes bad client behavior. Revel Studios invested in Josh Hess Photography in 2010-211, with the intent of helping a friend fund their startup. This plan backfired when contractor Josh Hess stole money from the business, lied about client relationships, stole company equipment, stole retainer payments intended to keep Josh focused on the business, and much more.  We are in the process of filing both civil and criminal charges. Revel Studios FINE Merch is our merchandising and physical goods brand imprint.  With FINE Merch, we intend to set the standard for artist goods.  Beginning with merchandise stores for Terry Goodkind, Girls Love Players, Restraining Hoarders, and Sasha Grey, we are quickly expanding to accomodate more.  If you are an artist, please contact us for more information. Revel Studios Revel Studios Voices project is a secret community enrichment service that we are currently developing.  More information later this year.
Revel Studios The 3D Gurus is a sub-entity that caters to 3D vidoe production services and technology awareness.  At the moment, we have shelved this project due to poor management of both the technology and the product in the overall marketplace.  Simply put, we feel James Cameron sabotaged his own effort by making Avatar a Panasonic exclusive product.  We believe there is still a major market for 3D content left unexplored but anticipate this market has been pushed back until the later half of 2012, possibly into 2013. Revel Studios What I Really Want is another incubator currently in process.  We will share more information abotu this product when it is available for public demonstration.
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